THRIVE; defined as to prosper; flourish.

Thrive, is a ministry designed specifically for pre-teen and teenage girls and their Mom’s. We all know the challenges and changes that we all face during this season of life, Instead of merely surviving the teen years…. why not thrive through them? Really prosper and flourish as young woman and leader rather than being sucked into the vortex of culture. Now I am not saying that all culture is terrible, but I am saying the what the “world” deems as acceptable norms on things such as language, love and matters of the heart, are often times in conflict with what the Word of God teaches. So what’s a girl to do? Teen years can be confusing enough!

So what would it look like to be intentional in our daily schedules to help lead and guide our girls into all truth and have a support system in place for them in school and the community where they feel the most pressure?

Thrive, hopes to be all things teen to help you prosper and be that salt and light for JESUS!